The Becquerel Institute Expands in Spain

The Becquerel Institute strengthens its expertise and opens a second subsidiary in Spain
14 November 2023 by
Delinke Demeter

Founded in 2014 in Brussels and growing rapidly, the Becquerel Institute, a consultancy specialized in solar photovoltaics, is consolidating its foothold on the Spanish market with the opening of an office in San Sebastian and the recruitment of an expert in his field.

Under the leadership of Mr. José M. Vega de Seoane, who assumes the role of Managing Partner, Becquerel Institute España aims to provide localized expertise and services to support the growth of solar PV in Spain, and to help local stakeholders take advantage of it.

Jose M. Vega de Seoane has been working in the PV sector for 15 years. He has developed his career in TECNALIA R&I, where he gained experience in the characterisation, design, development and validation of PV systems, with a special emphasis on integrated PV solutions and, in particular, building-integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV). In his last year in TECNALIA, he combined responsibilities as a senior researcher, project manager and head of the PV module group of the Photovoltaic Systems Platform. In addition, he participates as an independent expert in IEA Task 15 as well as national and international standardisation bodies (e.g. IEC TC 82 JWG 11).

Becquerel Institute's expansion to Spain will play a crucial role in promoting sustainable energy practices, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth. As an advisory company with a unique positioning at the crossroads of research, market and industry, Becquerel Institute provides a hybrid service of strategic and technical consultancy as well as non-profit research focused on the role of solar PV in the energy revolution. A broad offer of expert services will be provided, encompassing PV markets analysis, forecasts and potential assessment; regulatory analysis; PV economics analysis, including competitiveness aspects, integration on electricity markets and impacts on electricity prices, or business models’ design; PV industry and technology analysis, including local and global manufacturing costs analysis and modelling; niche markets strategic support, such as BIPV, agrivoltaics or mobility (VIPV); and more…

Gaëtan Masson, CEO and founder of the Becquerel Institute said: “To keep up with the acceleration of the solar PV market, all players will have to review their industrial and commercial strategy. Our ambition is to help our customers make this transition an economic and social success. Our expansion in Spain is part of this dynamic.” Philippe Macé, COO and partner of the Becquerel Institute declared: “The Spanish PV sector is among the most dynamics one in Europe, with encouraging perspectives in terms of market development as well as re-industrialisation, although some obstacles remain. Having a local presence to help Spanish stakeholders overcome these obstacles is a natural step on our growth path.”

The new office in San Sebastian will enable the Becquerel Institute to work closely with local partners, government agencies, and businesses to drive innovation and promote the transition towards a more sustainable future. It will also provide local professionals, companies and organizations access to the institute's extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

This expansion comes at a time when the demand for renewable energy solutions in Spain is booming.